There are various kinds of Help available for both this site and the D*ChoC application.
  • D*ChoC uses some specialized terminology that is summarized in the Glossary.
  • For advice on defining the Digital Chain of Custody please visit Learn more.
  • The Bulk Data File Loader uses CSV files in these formats.
There are two kinds of page in the D*Choc App - Main pages and Help pages:
  • Every Main page in the D*ChoC App has a Help button.
  • The Help pages explain the buttons and fields on the page that you were on.
  • There is a button below the text on the Help pages to close the window and return you to the page that you were on.
Other buttons:
  • Clicking the D*ChoC App logo will take you to the main D*ChoC menu.
  • Clicking the Objectivity logo will take you to the main Objectivity site.
Need more help?
  • If you need other features in D*ChoC please go to the Learn page.
  • On that page you can ask for more information about D*ChoC or other Objectivity products, get specialized help, suggest improvements and apply to become an Objectivity partner.