This is a typical Digital Chain of Custody for an investigation.
  • New Evidence and Cold Case Notes are used to arrange interviews. As some of the witnesses don't speak English an automatic translation tool is used to convert the Investigators' findings so that they can be shared.
  • A panel then conducts a final review and the final report is converted into multiple languages. Subsequent stages would build prosecutors' arguments to be used in court cases.

  • Lineage: D*ChoC maintains a network ("graph") of the connections between information items:
    • Items may be derived from one or more other things, e.g. the translated reports in the diagram above.
    • Items may be connected in many different ways, including ancestry, ownership, usage etc.
  • Provenance: D*ChoC records who created or changed an item and the name of the application or tool that was used:
    • It can also calculate the Confidence Factor (trustworthiness)of an item based on the items it was derived from. It is generally the average of the Confidence Levels of its immediate ancestors.
    • If an earlier item has its Confidence Factor changed all descendants are updated automatically.
  • Queries: D*ChoC gives you powerful queries for discovering how a particular item was derived:
    • Navigation: D*ChoC can list the ancestors and descendants of any item.
    • Pathfinding: D*ChoC can also find connections between chosen items.
  • Flexibility: D*ChoC can be used "As Is" or you can extend the contents of any of its data types to suit your needs.